Crew rotation charters

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Exploration, development and production in the energy industry involves operating in some of the most remote, hostile and hard to reach places on earth. From the very first steps of a venture, JetAir can provide private air charter solutions for aerial survey, site inspections, contract signing and start up personnel movements.

Whether a small service provider, a drilling company, or a major oil producer, it is crucial to any operation to ensure the workforce are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. The time and cost benefits of using a point to point direct charter are tremendous.

JetAir Brokers can provide dedicated aircraft charter, whether on an ad hoc basis, at short notice, or for a series of flights to rotate personnel for a whole project. JetAir gives fast response for urgent movements and will work with clients to provide long or short-term flight programmes with the built-in flexibility to grow and flow as the project demands.

Much of this business is by referral, which bears testament to 
the JetAir principle that no challenge is too great.

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