Emergency response

Bespoke emergency airlift planning...

Throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia, JetAir works with multinational corporations to provide Emergency Response Air Evacuation Planning for expatriate workers.

These are tailor-made rescue plans, which are activated in the event of civil unrest, terrorist acts, threat alerts, natural disaster or serious accident.

The plans are fully supported 24/7 from the JetAir headquarters at London Gatwick and by strategically situated associates to give local assistance. Country reports are monitored daily to ensure the team stay abreast of any changes in regional security.

For operational workforces of less than 10 persons right up to several thousand, each plan is appropriately supported and sensibly priced. JetAir’s principle of not outgrowing its service holds true and ensures that there is no conflict of interest between client companies in any country of operation.

Expert and resourceful...