Algeria flights

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JetAir Scheduled Services manage regular flights operating into Hassi Messaoud and Adrar, Algeria, dedicated to the oil & gas industry. Working closely with clients, their agents and passengers, JetAir affords the close co-ordination and flight management skills needed to support the logistical challenges that come from working in remote locations. The Company’s aim is to provide a secure, reliable and quality service for passengers and freight at competitive prices.

JetAir Scheduled Services believes in the importance of providing travellers with the highest levels of customer care so that each and every passenger receives the very best flight experience.

Reservations can be made directly with JetAir’s 24/7 travel team. Uniformed personnel accompany every flight and are present at check-in to assist passengers at every stage.

In addition, JetAir offers a host of peripheral support services to companies operating in Algeria such as mailbag delivery and collection service, provisioning and procurement, newspaper, magazine and DVD forwarding.

Customer Service

JetAir provides many other services which assist with logistical planning, including:

  • Personnel tracking
  • Baggage tracing assistance
  • Receipt of documents and items at Head Office to be delivered for travelling passengers
  • Cash (per diems) payments to clients’ contractor personnel
  • Courier services
  • Mailbag services
  • Purchase and carriage of miscellaneous items

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