Meet & greet

A whole range of welcoming services for the traveller abroad...

When passengers arrive at an unfamiliar airport it is reassuring to know that a JetAir Representative is there to meet and escort them through the arrival formalities and guide them on to the next stage of their journey, whether it’s another flight, a waiting chauffeur or a hotel stay.

Using its international network of selected representatives, this is a service that JetAir can offer at all UK airports and most major airports around the world. All representatives are uniformed, speak the local language and know the airport layout and can assist with onward connections.

Additional assistance can be provided to make local hotel reservations, purchase tickets for onward travel and arrange limousine, car or taxi hire.

  • VIP passengers
  • Special assistance passengers
  • Large or small groups
  • Foreign language speakers
  • Tight connection times

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